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Why Nafplio


What makes Nafplio one of the most popular destinations of Greece?
This is really easy to answer. Nafplio the capital of Argolis is very beautiful, and very close to Athens! It is one of the most romantic Greek cities, surrounded by a crystal clear water sea; it has a long and thrilling history that starts at the prehistoric times to today.

A VIEW OF NAFPLIO WITH CLIMBING HIKING GUIDED ARCHEOLOGICAL SITES TOURS GREECE, nafplio-climbing- hiking.com Dimitris Sotirakis Photo ViewsofGreece

For a number of reasons it has been the first capital of the liberated state of Greece, it is an architecturally protected city thus preserving its interesting older buildings and mansions…I could go like this for lines on end. Its unparalleled beauty is also due to its castle-Palamidi that crowns the city but also to Bourtzi, a marvel fortress built by Venetian castle architects in the middle of the sea in front of the city.

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Above all these, Nafplio area has more than 200 climbing routes of all grades, equipped and appropriate for climbing all year round, some of which on sea level. The area around the city has a number of paths of cultural interest, with some having been carved many centuries and even millennia ago.

nafplion greece

Not far from the city lie the Bronze Age Mycenean stronghold of Agamemnon the conqueror of mythical Troy, the site of Epidauros with its Tholos, Asklepieion and its world renown theater, the acropolis of Tyrins, the Neolithic cave of Frachthi, to name just a few of the major archaeological sites of Greece.

Furthermore mountains with shady forests, fast flowing rivers, wild gorges, picturesque villages, and well marked paths all around in close proximity. Of course one may find lovely beaches everywhere in the area.

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