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NAFPLIO – CLIMBING – HIKING is an outdoor activities company, operating from the mid ’90s. It functions with a number of qualified mountain guides and instructors under the leadership of its owner Dimitris Sotirakis.

Dimitris Sotirakis
  • Dimitris Sotirakis is a Mountain Guide – Mountaineering and Climbing instructor of the Greek and French Mountaineering Associations.
  • A pioneer in Greek mountaineering with a large experience in Mountaineering and Climbing instructing of all levels, since the mid 80s.
  • Coordinator on a large number of federal instructing meetings in Greece and the Alps and instructor at a federal instructing expedition in the Himalayas.
  • Climbed many traditional and winter routes on cliffs and mountains in Greece and elsewhere and has set up a number of routes in the country that have become classics.
  • Climbed in many mountains of the world (The Alps, the Himalayas, the Andes, Mt. Kenya, Ben Nevis, Wadi Ram to name a few).
  • Since 2008 he is the coordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award for St. Lawrence College, Athens.
  • Since 2016 Professor of Stemnitsa Institution of the Ministry of Education, on a two year course of “Mountain Leaders”.

Discover Amazing Places in Greece

We offer Hiking, Climbing and Mountaineering trips on all climbing areas and mountains of Greece. We provide Custom made trips, Climbing gear rental, Wine tasting tours and Archaeological sites guiding.